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Criminal Lawyers in Dandenong and Other Melbourne-Area Communities

Criminal Lawyers in Dandenong and Other Melbourne-Area Communities
 Criminal Lawyers: Dandenong and Surrounding Areas


The Melbourne area is home to some of Australia’s finest criminal lawyers. While there are law firms that only serve clients in the city centre, many lawyers see clients in surrounding areas such as Dandenong, Clayton, Springvale, Noble Park, Keysborough, Doveton, Endeavour Hills, Moorabbin, and Braeside. If you need a criminal lawyer, look for one who knows the personnel and institutions in the area. (Depending on what offence you have been charged with, your case may go to the Magistrate’s Court, Melbourne County Court, or Victorian Supreme Court.) Lawyers who are accustomed to working in your area will be able to come to where you are as quickly as is necessary.


The stakes are very high in criminal cases, and it’s vital that your case be handled well from the beginning. Any statements that you make in police custody will impact on your defence. It’s important that your lawyer be present from the outset of the case to help you develop a strategy; many times errors are made before a lawyer is engaged, and the consequences can be very serious.


Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?


When should you contact a criminal lawyer?


  •         If you are being questioned or detained by police.
  •         If you have been charged with a crime.
  •         If you think you are under suspicion or about to be questioned regarding a crime.
  •         If you have been accused of a crime by your employer or by another individual.
  •         If you have committed a crime and would like confidential legal advice.


Whether you are facing prosecution for a minor traffic offence or have been charged with a serious crime, it’s important to talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.


Finding a Good Criminal Lawyer


But how can you choose a good criminal lawyer? When you are in stressful circumstances such as those above, it can be difficult to know what you need.  There are a number of characteristics that you should look for in a criminal lawyer.


These include:


  •         Experience. Not all lawyers are able to navigate the criminal courts successfully. Don’t engage a lawyer who hasn’t had plenty of experience in the area of criminal law. In these types of cases, knowledge of the law and the legal system is paramount.
  •         Reputation. Look for a lawyer who has a reputation for successful defence strategies.
  •         Clear Communication. Your lawyer should be a good listener, and a clear communicator. One of the most important tasks for a criminal lawyer is to let you know what your legal rights are. Make sure the lawyer you choose is clear and direct.
  •         Flexible Fees. It’s best to find a firm that allows for flexibility regarding billing. Sometimes a fixed fee is more economical, but other times hourly billing will save you money.
  •         Upfront Assessment. Better firms offer an honest, upfront assessment of your case. You will want a lawyer who will tell you the truth about your chances for a successful outcome, and who will not sugar-coat any bad news.


You may also have other considerations, such as a lawyer who can accommodate your work schedule , or one who is willing to communicate via teleconferencing, telephone, or email.

Innovative Criminal Law Firms Affordable, Effective

The benefits of utilizing the services of a criminal lawyer have already been outlined. Experience in the criminal court system may be the most important of all! Criminal law is not quite clear-cut and there are many factors that can impede you from getting the result you want. For some, the cost of hiring a criminal lawyer impedes their decision to even consider a firm that specializes in criminal law. Often, defendants will fall into the legal aid system, falling victim to a system that sees many clients and whose lawyers are often over worked with many cases. Hiring a criminal lawyer is more affordable than you may think. Innovative law firms are accessible in communities in and around Melbourne through online client portals. Firms using technology to best service its clients are able to provide guidance and support at a lower cost than some of the traditional law firms. For those faced with criminal charges – whether a simple speeding ticket or a more involved crime – can turn to online resources to find a criminal lawyer who will best represent them. When your way of life and your freedom on the line, choose a qualified and specialized criminal lawyer to offer advice, provide perspective and protect your best interests.


If you need legal advice, call a criminal law firm today. Your future could depend on it.


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